Get Enrolled In Our After School Programs

Don’t look now but schools is just around the corner. Summer vacations are winding down. Parents are buying school supplies, school uniforms and new computers. But don’t forget about AFTER SCHOOL. Are your little ones going to be at home, just looking for new and inventive ways to get into trouble? Are you worried that they might hurt themselves climbing a tree in the back yard? We have your solution – A.S.A.P.After School Programs

A.S.A.P. is our After School Activities Program. Your children of all ages can enroll in one of our after school programs, ranging from daycare services to athletics to study hall. For the younger kids, we have a daycare that will keep your kids occupied, learning and growing – all under adult supervision. For the older kids, we have a┬ávariety of different athletics programs including swimming lessons, soccer leagues, cross country running, and general health programs. We also have a study hall with tutors that can help your students to improve their study habits and maintain excellent grades.

Registration closes soon, so get your kids in before it’s too late. Call us for more information.