Everything You Need to Know About DWP Debt Management

DWP debt management is a section of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) that helps recover overpaid social security benefits. It is responsible for recovering advance payments, overpayments of housing benefits or tax credit payments, and other debts that need to be repaid. MoneyHelper, an independent service created to help people manage their money, offers free debt counseling, debt adjustment and credit reporting services. It's a good idea to contact them if you're dealing with DWP debt, as they can offer specialized support and you won't feel so alone.

It could also be the case that your benefits have not been overpaid and the DWP Debt Management letter was sent to you in error. Like any debt collection company, DWP can take you to court if you continue to ignore your contact and refuse to pay them. It should also allow you to repay the debt in a reasonable time, without unreasonable fees, interest rates, and penalties. The next section explains the steps you need to take after receiving a letter from the DWP debt collection agency.

Remember that you should always be able to pay for your basic needs, such as food, heating and housing (your rent or mortgage), and if you cannot pay them or pay your debts, contact the DWP to request a reduction in payments. If you don't pay DWP Debt Management, they could file a lawsuit against the overpayment to get a CCJ (County Court Judgment) that forces you to pay or face sheriffs who come to your house. Neither DWP Debt Management nor any other debt collection agency nor a debt collector are considered court appointed bailiffs. If the DWP has said that they want you to pay in a different way, you can request payment of your salary by calling the DWP debt management contact center.

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