What is Debt Management and Collection System?

The Debt Management and Collection System (DMCS) is a comprehensive software solution that houses all delinquent debts owed by Federal Student Aid. This includes federal family education (FFEL) loans allocated by guarantee agencies, Perkins loans allocated by educational institutions, and defaults on the Direct Loan Program. DMCS provides users with a “toolbox” of information critical to debt recovery, such as credit-based scores, customer contact details, and analytical services. The Debt Collection Improvements Act of 1996 (DCIA) serves as the legal basis for much of the work done by DMCS.

Payments received are remitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) by other federal government agencies. If you are a non-federal entity and need to ask about your federal payment, contact the Department of Justice, the U. S. Attorney's Office, the Litigation Division, or the Office of Private Counsel dealing with your debt.

Organizations can use DMCS to proactively manage their collection portfolios to reduce costs and increase recovery rates with tools and Experian debt collection experience. Billions of dollars are lost annually due to technical mismanagement of financial transactions, where old receivables quickly turn into bad debt & and eventually into losses. DMCS allows organizations to collect delinquent and non-tax debts through a variety of means, including administrative garnishment of wages and reporting by credit bureaus. It is important for organizations to have a solid strategy for debt management, collection and recovery efforts.

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) shows all of the loans you borrowed from the federal government regardless of who the loan servicer, lender, or debt collector is. If you have trouble logging in to DMCS, contact the help desk at 1-888-291-2160.

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